A very thoughtful surprise gift from my students at the winter recital! Piano Teacher Award

Sarah, Age 13

I think the best part of your teaching was your spirit and the way you treated us. You were very caring and you always tried to teach us to practice, because you cared about us, and wanted us to be successful

Parent of Katelyn and Christopher, Ava Tseng

My children, ages 8 and 12, studied piano with Jean for approximately four years up until June 2016 and in that time, we have seen so much growth and improvement in their piano skills. Not only is Jean a wonderful teacher, she has the patience to work with children and adults of all ages. She has instilled in my children a love and appreciation for piano. Jean also has the right balance of being firm, while at the same time, making it fun. Jean genuinely has a passion for teaching. She's completely focused on the lesson at hand and often times goes over the allotted time to work with the children. Jean arranges at least 2 recitals per year and it's really a wonderful opportunity to see all the hard work throughout the year come into fruition. I would highly recommend Jean as a piano instructor for all skill levels and my children miss her immensely!


Lumi, Age 9

I like to take piano lessons with you. You are very nice and you help a lot. When I don't know things you don't tell me the answers but you help me to understand. I have lots of fun at my lessons.


To the left, is a picture of Lumi after she finished the piece, Soaring!

Kaitlin, Age 13

You are an awesome piano teacher! Every time I am with you it feels like I'm with family, especially when you help me with any music troubles I have. You are honestly the best piano teacher I've ever had.

Parent of Philina, Jia Lin

My daughter Philina is very lucky to have a piano teacher who she simply adores. Since she was 4, Philina has enjoyed every hour-long lesson with Jean, and she always has a big smile on her face during the lesson (unfortunately, not always in practice time). Jean has a magical way of engage young children, while inspiring them to go extra mile. Thanks to Jean's constant encouragement and vigorous teaching, Philina is accepted to Manhattan School of Music Pre College and will be one of the youngest piano major student at the age of 6.  Nickita, Philina's 3-year-old sister just started piano lesson with Jean, and guess what, she loves playing piano with Jean too and can't wait for her turn to climb onto the piano bench every time Jean visits. We can't thank her enough for making music learning such joyful and productive experience for our girls. -Jia Lin, Ph.D

Philina, Age 6

Thank you for teaching me to play the piano. You are the best teacher in the whole world! You could be famous because you are so good at playing the piano! I really love you!

Here is a home video of Philina playing the piano:

Nicole, Age 11

Jean is an amazing teacher. She is so patient and great. Jean really knows how to make practicing fun. She has so much spirit and really enjoys teaching piano. Thank you Jean for teaching me so much.

Margarita, parent of Dylan Age 6

Jean has got to be the best teacher for kids by far!  Honestly, I haven't tried any others, but before I found  Jean on-line, I did speak to a few others just to  get their fees and find out their method of teaching and just by hearing their lack of enthusiasm over the telephone, I was completely turned off!

Here is Dylan at a recital:



 Jamie, parent of Cassius, Age 4

My 4 year old son was really interested in playing the piano. I searched high and low and found that most teachers preferred to teach older children. One teacher even went as far as advising me to wait another year or two. By luck, I stumbled across Jean's website and was impressed with its professionalism and detailed information. After our first trial lesson, I knew she was the one. She knew how to handle my 4 year old with ease and I am now amazed at how much he has learned in such a short amount of time. Jean is truly a talented pianist and teacher. Thanks Jean!

See Cassius play at his very first recital:

Raymond Tao, Advanced Adult Student

There’s a difference between those who claim to be an ideal instructor, and those who actually are. Throughout the city you may find hundreds if not thousands of “piano teachers”. With so many pianists on-board, it is hard to find one whom is legitimate. I’ve came across those who knew less theory then I, as well as a select few who could not even play at my level.

During my free trial lesson (who can honestly pass up anything free!) with Jean, she not only fixed my technique, but she managed to reignite my ambition to playing. Being an individual whom has one of the most optimistic/kindest personalities, I found it surprising that Jean is no pushover; she is also strict and demanding to the most miniscule details when playing. In other words Jean has the ability to take what seem to be 2 opposing attitudes in order to; not find a middle-ground, but rather create a new entity; her own method of teaching, I’ve improved more in 3 months then I did in years with other teachers.

I couldn’t be any happier with my progress, and all my thanks can go to Jean Park.

Kind regards,


See Raymond play at a recital:

Ying, Parent of Diane

"Jean is the best piano instructor we have ever had so far. She is generous, responsible and understanding. The most of all, she really cares about her students. Her passion for music is inspiring. Her patience and unique teaching approaches for young kids have greatly helped my daughter make progress in her performance. We are feeling so lucky to have her… We want our daughter to follow her steps to become a talented, intelligent and passionate piano performance artist. Just love her!"

See Diane play:


Raphaela, Age 8

I enjoyed piano lessons with Miss Jean Park. She inspired me and taught me to play interesting piano pieces. Her lessons are always fun. I will never forget her lessons.

Min, Parent of Raphaela

Raphaela's piano playing under Miss Jean Park's tutelage improved in leaps and bounds. We had tried out a few other teachers before and it was only Jean who truly ignited Raphaela's love for piano and music. Jean knew exactly what and how Raphaela needed to improve on. Jean is firm yet gentle in her ways. She knows how to make music fun for kids without sacrificing the quality of teaching. Raphaela loves Jean so much she cried when she heard that Jean was leaving. If ever Jean comes back to NYC, we will surely continue lessons with her.

See Raphaela play!:


Mei, Parent of Charlotte

My daughter Charlotte was Jean's student for 4 years in New York. She started piano at age 4 & has made tremendous progress under Jean's teaching. Jean is wonderful with children as she is patient and kind. In the years that we've known her, she has gone above and beyond to help her students to achieve their potential. Jean is in tune with the strengthens and weakness of her students and works with them accordingly. We miss her greatly since she left for LA this summer. I strongly recommend Jean as a piano teacher.

See Charlotte perform Fur Elise for the first time: