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Studio Policy

Download Printable .PDF copy of the Studio Policy

Studio Policy 2021-2022


This studio policy must be read, signed and returned to be enrolled for piano lessons with Dr. Park

What to expect at lessons: 
Lessons will be held once a week in person or remotely via zoom. Lessons are tailored to each student's age and ability and may include music theory, technique, sight-reading, repertoire pieces or pieces for fun. Any lessons cancelled by the teacher will be refunded or given a make-up lesson. 

Student Expectations: 
·     Arrive on time with all music books and materials needed for the lesson. Be sure to clip fingernails short.
·     Complete all assignments of the week and fill out the daily practice log. The quality and consistency of practice is more important than the quantity. When practicing always have a goal in mind, and when making corrections be specific about your diagnosis of the issue, for example, “my rhythm was off in measure 4 and I am going to correct it by doing rhythmic patterns and listening closely to fix it,” rather than “ that was bad I am going to play it again and hope it’s better next time.” Practice makes permanent (not perfect), so think about what you are practicing. Also, remember the more often you are on the piano, the faster your improvement, so I encourage my students to practice daily.
·     Participate in studio activities including recitals and attend lessons consistently. 

Parent Expectations: 

·     Keep an open line of communication with the teacher about the student’s progress 
·    Notify the teacher of any situations that may affect their child’s practicing or lessons (for example, is the student struggling in school or having a bad day? Does the student have any special needs I should be aware of?) 
·     Help the student to set aside dedicated practice time and create an environment conducive to practicing (Be aware of distractions like the TV or other siblings!) 
·     Parents of older students are encouraged to periodically sit in lessons or bring a video/recorder to listen to their child’s lesson to see what we are working on. Parents of students age 6 and under should be present for every lesson. 
·     Supervise home practice sessions in a constructive and encouraging manner. 
·     Please arrive and pick up students on time and do not arrive more than 5 minutes earlier than your lesson time. There is no make-up time for late arrival. Also, please give as much notice as possible for lessons that will be missed. The best way to contact me is via text message at 425-246-1866.
·     Maintain the condition of the piano at home – have the piano tuned twice a year. 
·     Know that every student at one point will face frustration with piano. Please be ready to provide encouragement as they develop the discipline to practice diligently and overcome hurdles in learning.


Studio Rules:

·   Please remove your shoes when you come in and wash your hands before touching the piano.

·   Please stay in the front room or the piano room only, and do not go into other areas of the house.

·   For your safety please do not leave the house from your lesson unless I am with you and I see your parent, or your parent comes to the door to get you.


·   If you or any family members are sick, please either cancel your lesson or take your lesson remotely for the day.

·   If you test positive for COVID-19, please immediately let Jean know.

·   Please wear a mask to lessons.


Fees for Private Lessons (per lesson, per student)
30 Minutes- $50

45 Minutes -$65

60 Minutes -$80

90 Minutes (only available for serious, advanced level students as the teacher recommends)

There is a 5% discount if you pay upfront for 10 lessons at a time.   Please make checks payable to Jean Park. Financial assistance may be available for parents on a case-by-case basis based on need. 



Please sign and return this portion along with your tuition payment: 

Student Name: _____________________________________ Birthdate: ___/___/______

Parent/Guardian Name: ______________________________________________________

Parent Email Address (es): ______________________________________________________

Cell phone: _________________________________ Can receive texts? ______

Home Address: _______________________________________________________________

(2nd Parent/Guardian Name:_______________________________________________________

Cell phone:_________________________ Can receive texts? _____ 

Student Email Address:_________________________

Student Phone: __________________     Student Email Address: ___________________)

Emergency Contact Name & Number: ____________________________________________

Where did you hear about this studio?_____________________________________________

Any allergies, medical issues or concerns?  Any Additional Comments?


Liability Waiver, Media Consent, and Studio Policy Agreement 
I have read the studio policy and agree to adhere to the conditions stated above. In addition, I agree that any concerns must be brought up directly with the teacher first, and the teacher has the right to terminate lessons at will. I authorize Park Piano Studio to capture and use video-audio recordings and photographic images of the student and/or his or her musical performances or quoted statements in print, electronic, or online media, for educational and promotional purposes, and without compensation. 
In case of medical emergency when the parent is not present, the teacher will exercise her best judgement to find medical care and you will accept responsibility for the medical expenses. You also hereby release Jean Park, teacher at Park Piano Studio and her spouse or representatives from all liability from personal injury, illness, property loss, or damages resulting directly or indirectly from studio activities. Additionally, you understand that there is inherently risk in participating in studio activities and release Jean Park from all liability related with COVID-19.
Signature: ________________________________________________    Date: ____________

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