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I accept cash, check and Chase QuickPay.  You can learn more about Chase QuickPay here:


Piano Tuition-
30 Minutes- $40 
45 Minutes -$55 
60 Minutes -$70 
90 Minutes -$95 
(There is a 5% fee reduction if 10 lessons are purchased at at time.) 


Tired of unwanted gifts that clutter up your home? I offer piano lesson gift certificates!  Consider asking your friends and family to gift your child with a gift certificate toward piano lessons!


What does my piano tuition money go toward?

The tuition you pay does not only cover your lesson time, but many other valuable aspects of my teaching!

Your money goes toward:

  • Time spent with the student at lessons and holding your weekly spot open, just for you

  • Your teacher’s level of training, experience and expertise

  • Time spent in planning and having recitals and other studio events

  • Continuing education for the teacher- Seminar and festival attendance, teaching association memberships, keeping up-to-date on teaching resources and trends, time spent researching and inventing new and effective teaching ideas

  • Studio expenses such as photocopying, incentive programs, the instruments and other equipment in the studio- tunings, repairs, music books, stickers, space rental, piano insurance, and yes, I do pay my taxes

  • Time spent on administration and lesson preparation

  • Your teacher does not get paid lunch, vacation, insurance, or any other benefits! This means, that this money needs to cover this too, so that your teacher gets adequate rest and can continue to deliver effective lessons.

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