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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set-up a trial lesson?

Write me an email at or text me at 425-246-1866 and let me know information about the student. I’d like to know the age of the student, if he/she has had lessons before, and what the basic goals for taking piano lessons are. Give me a list of available times to schedule, and we will proceed from there based on availability and entry interview.

What are your credentials?

  • Doctorate degree in Piano Performance from Stony Brook University
  • Master's degree in Piano Performance from Manhattan School of Music.
  • Bachelor's degree in Piano at the University of Washington.
  • 17+ years of teaching experience, including experience with all ages and skill levels.
  • I am an accomplished pianist. I have had 30+ years of piano training. Please refer to to see my biography, my CV, and to hear and watch me play.
  • I have won numerous awards in piano and in teaching. For more information about my teaching visit my bio and teaching philosophy pages if you haven’t already.
  • I am able to teach in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

What should I bring to the trial lesson?

If you have taken piano lessons before, please bring any materials you have worked on previously plus a 1 inch binder. If you haven't taken lessons before, just bring the binder!

How long and how many lessons do I need?

For students aged 7+ I recommend 1 hour lessons. For younger students I recommend 30 minute or 45 minute lessons. The 30 minute time slot is simply not enough time to cover everything that is necessary, so if you start there, count on moving up to at least the 45 minute time as soon as the student is able. These are just general guidelines as the more advanced a student gets, the more time they need during lessons. You should come to lessons once or twice a week.

What will I need for piano lessons after I enroll?

I strongly recommend an acoustic piano because this cannot ever be fully simulated by a keyboard. With that said, I do accept piano-weighted keyboards as a more affordable and necessary alternative for the first couple years. The keyboard must include at least the damper pedal, have all 88 keys and have an action that is weighted. However, any serious pianist must eventually get a piano. You will need a metronome and a 1 inch binder. I will also assign you a list of materials you may need for your playing level such as music flashcards and music books.

What is the minimum age to enroll?

  • Is your child over the age of 4? (I do sometimes make exceptions for extremely precocious 3 year olds)
  • Can your child sit and focus for 30 minutes of lesson time? Does your child exhibit interest in music? Does your child know how to read? If yes, then they are most likely ready. Children who cannot yet read could possibly still be ready for lessons on a more ear-based method if their attention span and drive are above average.
  • Every child is unique. From age 3-6 every child has a completely different level of developed maturity and interest in the piano, so I would like you to please schedule a trial lesson and I will assess whether lessons are suitable for your child at that point in time.
  • By the way, on the other end of the spectrum, you are never too old to begin piano lessons.

What are your rates?

Per lesson rates- 30 Minutes- $50
45 Minutes -$65
60 Minutes -$80 There is a 5% discount for paying for 10 lessons at a time. If you have financial need, please contact me. Yes, I am more expensive than the average piano teacher. However, you are paying for expertise and experience.

Other questions? Feel free to contact me.

Email me at or ask by phone or text at 425-246-1866. Or, use the contact form above!

Thanks! Message sent.