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Teaching Philosophy


As a teacher, my main goals are to instill in my students a love of music, to teach a firm musical foundation with all necessary skills and knowledge for continued success, to unlock musical expressivity, and to guide students toward eventual independence by fostering the inner teacher and musician in each student. I strive to teach an age-appropriate and well-balanced curriculum that addresses each student's individual strengths and weaknesses while teaching important musical skills such as sight-reading, technique, music theory, music history, and ear training. I emphasize teaching students how to most effectively learn, practice, memorize, and perform; important skills which translate outside of the piano. I believe in regular performance opportunities as well as other positive opportunities that can be provided for each student as needed.


I believe that the rapport between teacher and student is crucial to success, and strive to actively maintain a supportive and nurturing relationship with my students. I challenge all of my students to meet and beat their personal bests by providing honest feedback and setting attainable goals. I have an open door policy for my students. They are always welcome to ask me any questions or bring up any concerns whenever they arise, even if it is outside of our scheduled lesson time.

If you have any questions about how I teach or my teaching philosophy, please contact me. The best way to find out how I teach is to contact me and sign up for a trial lesson with me.

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